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Yeppo&Soonsoo Korean Skincare Store Now Open in Gallerian

Experience authentic Korean beauty and test products from well-known Korean brands.

“It’s like a candy store for skincare nerds,” says store founder Elisa Ahonpää-Kim.

The Finnish-Korean skincare store Yeppo&Soonsoo is a mecca for skincare enthusiasts. After operating online for several years, the company is now opening its first physical store in Sweden, in Gallerian. In the store, you will find a large selection of makeup and skincare from well-known Korean brands.

“We stock all the hyped products from Tiktok and Instagram. With us, you can discover authentic Korean products and find a new skincare routine,” says Elisa Ahonpää-Kim.

The foundation of Korean skincare is active and natural ingredients that are both gentle and effective. K-beauty is known for its innovative products such as sheet masks, snail serum and BB creams, which give you radiant and fresh skin.

“When I discovered Korean skincare, I had acne-prone skin. K-beauty has really changed my skin condition and that of many others,” says Elisa Ahonpää-Kim

Experience the authentic Korean atmosphere

At Yeppo&Soonsoo, you can also experience the authentic Korean atmosphere while you shop. K-pop is played in the store and a magical world of scents fills the air. In addition, you will find shelves of inspiring and trendy products.

“For example, we have a sheet mask library with over a hundred different types. We also have a large selection of pimple patches and other hyped products. It’s like a candy store for skincare nerds,” says Elisa Ahonpää-Kim.

Whether you want a real K-beauty routine or just want to try parts of it, you’ll find the products at Yeppo&Soonsoo.

“We want our customers to find something that is affordable and that helps them solve their skin problems. Our products have active ingredients that give you fresh and beautiful skin,” says Elisa Ahonpää-Kim.

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How the 10-Step K-Beauty Routine Works

  1. Oil-based cleansing: An oil-based cleanser effectively removes makeup and impurities. The oil is usually massaged into dry skin and then washed off with lukewarm water.

  2. Gel cleansing: A water-based cleanser is used as a second step to remove any excess oil and deeply cleanse the skin.

  3. Exfoliation: Two to three days a week, an exfoliator is used to remove dead skin cells, impurities, and increase the skin’s glow.

  4. Toner: Use a toner tailored to your skin type to restore your skin’s pH balance or add nourishment and soften the skin.

  5. Essence: An essence is usually slightly thicker than a toner and adds extra moisture to your skincare routine. It also prepares the skin for the upcoming serum.

  6. Serum or ampoules: Serums and ampoules are concentrated products that target specific skin conditions, such as hyperpigmentation or fine lines. Here too, you choose a product with ingredients that target your specific skin problems.

  7. Face mask: A few days a week, follow up with a face mask that adds extra moisture to the skin.

  8. Eye cream: Take care of the sensitive skin around the eyes with an eye cream that reduces dark circles and adds moisture.

  9. Moisturizer: A moisturizer that locks in all the products and hydrates the skin.

  10. Sunscreen: During the day, finish your skincare routine with sunscreen to protect your skin from harmful UV rays and prevent premature aging

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