Take the subway to Christmas

Wherever you are in Stockholm, it’s never far to the Gallerian. No matter which gifts you’re looking for, and whether you’re running out of time or last minute, you only need to make one stop to get Christmas ready. In addition, we make gift hunting easier for you, with our own Christmas lines filled with gift tips, free wrapping and extended opening hours. So hop on the town’s own polar express and let it take you to the most obvious Christmas destination!



Get into Christmas spirit by viewing our lovely and playful Christmas decor, which goes by the name Stockholm’s Christmas destination. In this year’s theme, which flirts with Stockholm icons, places and things found in the city, we have tried to combine a classic warm feeling with a modern touch to reflect Gallerian’s urban environment.



  • Lucia at December 13

Take a paus in the Christmas gift shopping and listen to finely tuned Lucian songs. On Wednesday, December 13, you can see and hear the Luminis Lucia Choir at several different locations around the mall, startnig at 12 o’clock.

  • Christmas music in the mall

During the following dates, Gallerian is visited by Christmas choirs singing Christmas songs: December 3, 10 and 17.

  • Gift wrapping December 15-23

In the gift wrapping station on Kocks torg, we wrap your  gifts directly. At the Christmas service desk at the entrance to Hamngatan, you hand in the presents and receive a text message when the packages are ready to be picked up. Date: 15/12-23/12. Times: weekdays at 11-20, Saturday-Sunday at 11-18, on 23/12 at 11-20.

  • Christmas host December 15-23

Between 15-23 December, our Christmas host will be on site as a helping hand. Here you can get Christmas gift tips, help finding our stores or any other question related to Christmas. You also have the option of handing in what you bought to have them wrapped in. You pick up your gifts when they are fully wrapped – we’ll send you an SMS. Our Christmas service is available in the main entrance between 12-19 o’clock.