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At IKEA Gallerian, you can buy a large assortment of home furnishing products and also shop from our second-hand shop. We have filled 8000 square meters, spread over three floors, with lots of home furnishings. There is no self-storage here, so larger items can be delivered directly to your home.

You can also get personal help from our specialists and interior designers in planning specific interior design solutions as well as decorating an entire home or room.

IKEA restaurant and café
Meatballs, anyone? Of course you can eat here. With IKEAs new “Food & Drinks” restaurant concept, you can enjoy the dining experience that many associate with IKEA. The restaurant and café offers hot and cold dishes, 3-course menus, delicious sandwiches, and pastries. Eat in or bring with you with IKEA’s takeaway, always at great prices.

The restaurant always closes 30 minutes before the store.