Welcome to Gallerian

Gallerian was the first mall in central Stockholm and has since the opening in 1976 emerged into an iconic shopping destination in the heart of the city.

Here you’ll find an exciting mix of Swedish and international stores, with a focus on fashion, beauty and electronics – and flagship stores such as Nike Store, Hollister, Superdry, Ecco and MediaMarkt.

Regardless if you are on the run or want to rest your feet for a while, you will find something to suit your desires amongst Gallerian’s many restaurants and cafés. Car parking, toilets, foreign exchange and free WiFi are all available.

Learn more about Gallerian and what we have to offer here!

Dear Tourist

Welcome to Gallerian – Stockholm’s most iconic shopping mall. In fact, it is so iconic that the term “galleria” has become synonymous with shopping malls all throughout Sweden. Enjoy free WiFi while strolling through our stores and exploring our restaurants. We offer Tax-Free shopping to all our tourists visiting from outside the EU.

World's fastest Stockholm Museum

Do you want to free up some valuable time for shopping and dining? Learn more about Swedes and our town by visiting the World’s Fastest Stockholm Museum at Gallerian – faster than any tourist bus!

Discount Coupons

We have something special in store for you: discount coupons! Get your coupons here or in our information desk on floor 3.

Get your tote bag!

To get one, come by our info desk on floor 3. Hurry up before they run out!